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Direct Axis offers easy and accessible loans

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Direct Axis – When applying for finance, customers need to know that a financial institution puts their needs first. Direct Axis offers a range of financial solutions that are designed for every customer’s needs and are also easy on the pocket. Customers have the great advantage of using the money for whatever they like – consolidating a loan, pay for a child’s fees or going on holiday.

Direct Axis offers unsecured personal loans from R4 000 to R150 000 with an option to increase the loan with R1 000. Increases in interest rates don’t affect customers because Direct Axis repayments are fixed for the full term of the loan. Customers can choose the loan that suits them can repay the loan in periods of two to six years.

The fast application and speedy processing gives customers access to the money. There is no waiting around as customers get a response in seconds. Customers need to have clear credit references in order to qualify for a personal loan from Direct Axis. The customer’s financial circumstance at the time of application is also taken into consideration to ensure that they can afford the monthly repayments.

Customers who wish to apply for a loan you must be permanently employed and earn a monthly income of at least R3 000. Proof of income will be required for customers who are self-employed. Direct Axis will require customers’ ID number and bank account details, into which the customers’ salaries are paid when applying for a loan.

To make a quick online application, customers can visit www.directaxis.co.za. Customers can also fill in the online call-me-back form or SMS their name to 43232 and a consultant will call them back. Direct Axis can also be reached on 0861 02 03 04.