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Use Capitec Global One worldwide

Capitec Global One

It’s extremely convenient knowing that there is one bank card people can do to perform all their transactions, besides a credit card. This means that people don’t have to carry cash around while doing shopping at the end of the month or on a very long day. This debit card is Capitec’s Global One, designed for their customers’ convenience and to make the customers’ lives easier. It is linked to the customers’ transaction/savings account, allowing customers more shopping options.

The Global One debit card can be used at the various Capitec ATMs located countrywide. Where customers can’t find a Capitec nearby, they can withdraw at other ATMs at fixed rates or at supermarket tills. Capitec has an agreement Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers and Boxer so that their customers can withdraw cash at the tills. The Global One card can be used for shopping, paying accounts or buying fuel instead of withdrawing cash. There is no purchase fees payable where customers see a MasterCard logo.

Customers can also use their Global One card at any Capitec branches which are open for longer hours for the customers’ convenience. The Global One card can also be used for telephone and mail orders, costing no purchase fees for the customer. It’s perfect for customers who love shopping online because like a credit card, they can use their Global One MasterCard debit card for all their online shopping. The Global One debit card works like a credit card but without any credit or additional fees.

The Global One debit card is one solution for Capitec customers’ essential banking needs. Customers can get cash withdrawals of up to R5 000, card machine purchases, local online shopping and telephone/money orders up to R50 000. Daily card limits can be increased for three days at a Capitec branch.

Customers can open a Global One debit card at their nearest Capitec branch or online at www.capitec.co.za. For more information about the Capitec Global One cdebit card, customers can call 0860 10 20 43.